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Handling family disputes in Fort Lauderdale, FL- regardless of their nature- can be very distressing. However strong one considers themselves to be (emotionally) or however much legal knowledge they have on the family matters at hand, the weight of the matters can be extremely overwhelming and alter their judgment.

For best results and less hassle, it is important for one- when faced with the undesirable and painful task of dealing with family disputes whether: child support/custody, divorce, alimony, paternity cases, timesharing, wealth distribution and domestic violence in Fort Lauderdale FL-, to seek the services of a Fort Lauderdale family attorney.

Domestic Relations
Some marriages are faced with strained domestic relations and they could give rise to anything from: physical, emotional, verbal or even sexual abuse. Whether spousal or children abuse, strained domestic relations need a family lawyer to help sort out from a legal perspective. Settling domestic relations might, of course, result in financial settlements, timesharing orders, arrests of abusers or restraining orders among others.

Fort Lauderdale Family LawyerSometimes the divorce/dissolution of a marriage is inevitable; given the current situation that the spouses in question are going through. During divorce, the services of a family divorce lawyer are most important as they help the spouses put in perspective the reality of their situation and the impacts it will have on their lives and those of the children- if any are involved- (hence consideration of alimony, timesharing and child support among others). It is again a very traumatizing period and a Fort Lauderdale family lawyer would save the spouses lengthy procedures and unnecessary costs during divorce.

The dispute of paternity can be one of the sources of strained domestic relations. A single or married mother may try to proof the paternity of a child’s biological father (who denies paternity and avoids fair timesharing) so that they are obliged to carry out their fatherly duties and responsibilities. Paternity disputes can be very messy as the father may come up with all sorts of arguments and insults to dispute paternity; but despite this fact, the mother has to go ahead with proving paternity so that the child can be well taken are of. Fort Lauderdale family lawyer David M Brandwein will aggressively pursue the case. On the other hand, a man may need to proof the paternity of their child so that they can be in the life of the child (if the child’s mother is denying him the rights).

Child Support
Married, unmarried, separated or divorced parents may be irresponsible ( not providing child support) in meeting their children’s needs and need to be brought to justice; forced to give child support (funds that go to cater for their children welfare) whether they are living with the children or not. A family lawyer will objectively represent the children’s needs as well as find out the income of the neglecting parent (and other useful information) so that the Broward county courts determine how much child support will be contributed towards the child’s welfare in addition to fair timesharing.

Spouse support or maintenance as alimony is sometimes called, is the support that a court may order one spouse to contribute towards the upkeep of the other (in the event of a divorce). Alimony follows that if the divorcing spouse is well off and the other will not be able to take care of themselves in the absence of the other spouse, then depending on a number of factors (length of the marriage, age of spouse, disability or illness being some of those factors), the court determines how much alimony (and for how long) the spouse will contribute to the other spouse. Like child support, equitable distribution and timesharing, alimony is enforced through a court order. A family lawyer will be most helpful as they are most knowledgeable (in alimony); plus the abandoned spouse- may not have the means or resources to pursue force their support.

Equitable Distribution
Marriages and other familial institutions are, at times, faced with wealth distribution issues. In the event of inheritances or divorce, equitable distribution of wealth is important in ensuring that all parties are taken care of. In the event of a divorce for instance, a full time house wife who has taken care of the husband, children and given him all the necessary support, should be entitled to a portion of the wealth he creates because she backed him up. An experienced family lawyer is in a position to claim a reasonable equitable distribution of assets on behalf of this woman in the event to of a divorce. During inheritance disputes, equitable distribution cases determine fair share.

Parents or other children relatives are entitled to spend time with the children (as long as it is in the best interest of the children). Timesharing is determined through child custody cases and the Fort Lauderdale family lawyer David M Brandwein can and will advice the concerned parties of what their options are.

Whatever your family dispute and your need for legal advice and representation in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you will be better off seeking the services of attorney David M Brandwein, the top Fort Lauderdale family lawyer; as he will save you a lot of money, time and pain.

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